Bird Dog Traffic Control provides multiple training programs to certify your workforce and help create a new standard in safety.


Bird Dog Traffic Control can provide expert education and safety training on your schedule, at your location for hassle-free training and certification. We provide classes for up to 15 people at a time, or for larger companies, we can provide three classes a day, for a total of 45 people. We provide American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) training nationwide, as well as Institute of Transport Research and Education (ITRE) training in North Carolina and South Carolina.

We also provide the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Flagger Certification Course in order to help provide you with your own highly-skilled workforce. Our classes are taught by industry experts, backed by years of professional experience. We help provide your workforce with a solid foundation of safety training and skills, as well as the confidence to implement them.


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Chartered by the North Carolina General Assembly, the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) conducts surface and air transportation research, training, and technical support activities for municipal, state, federal, and international clients in order to address critical transportation issues.

Through the flagging certification program, ITRE is committed to qualifying flaggers and flagging instructors to meet NCDOT standards. Upon completion of ITRE’s Flagger Training program, participants will receive an NCDOT Flagger Qualification card produced by ITRE and signed by ITRE’s instructor, a Flagging Instructor Kit, a document file with the generic qualification card and administrative instructions for conducting and reporting training to be conducted by the Flagging Instructor.

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ATSSA is the leading certification and training organization for road, traffic and highway professionals. For over 30 years, ATSSA has provided quality road safety training and certification solutions.

ATSSA’s safety and work zone training courses are designed around real-world challenges and incorporate tools and exercises that transfer learned skills to the daily work environment. Upon completion of ATSSA’s training course(s) and successfully passing with a grade of 80% or better, ATSSA will review and verify your application, and training and work experience. Upon validation of the application and work experience, and approval by the ATSSA Certification Board, you will receive certification, which is valid for up to four (4) years.


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