Traffic Control Equipment Sales and Rentals

Rent or purchase the traffic control equipment you need from Bird Dog Traffic Control.


Bird Dog Traffic Control is proud to be the #1 traffic control company serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. We offer extensive safety training so that we can provide our clients with a highly-skilled workforce and a wide variety of services. Additionally, we provide traffic control signage and equipment sales and rentals, following the safety guidelines of the Department of Transportation. When you have a temporary or emergency need for traffic control equipment, you can count on Bird Dog Traffic Control.


Traffic automation uses real-time data and predictive analytics to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and create a safe experience for both the drivers and workers. It has the ability to make driving and construction more efficient and ensure safer roadways. This in turn reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and improves the quality of life for commuters and workers.

Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD)

Welcome to the future of traffic control with Bird Dog Traffic Control’s Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD). Our cutting-edge AFAD system is designed to revolutionize how traffic is managed, offering a seamless blend of technology and safety for road work operations.

Gate Arm Traffic Control Equipment


Bird Dog Traffic Control equipment rental and sales inventory include trailered devices. These devices, also referred to as Portable Equipment Platforms (PEP), are used for a wide variety of applications including traffic control. Each piece of equipment is battery powered and operate autonomously for extended periods of time when needed for longer-term projects. Ask our specialists about our available trailered devices which include scorpion trailer attenuators, arrow panels, portable radars, portable light towers, portable traffic lights and traffic control message system (TCMS).


In order to maintain order when there’s a road closing, detour or construction, you need to make sure you have the proper traffic control equipment. As the #1 traffic control company in the Southeast, Bird Dog Traffic Control is committed to providing the best traffic control equipment available. Purchase or rent items like warning light Type Bs, Type II barricades, Type III barricades, cones, barrels, skinny drums, and reflective materials.


Do you have the right signage for road work or other traffic control situations? If you don’t you could be putting everyone on the road including drivers, road workers, and pedestrians. Turn to Bird Dog Traffic Control for the right signage for every situation. We sell and rent signs including roll-up signs, aluminum signs, and A-frame signs.


Bird Dog Traffic Control prides itself on not only providing the most highly trained workforce but on providing the best available safety equipment to keep them safe. Turn to us for safety products such as class I and class III safety vest (logoed upon request), full brim hard hats (logoed upon request), LED light wands and first aid safety kits for pickup.


Bird Dog Traffic Control offers a wide range of specialty vehicles for all of your traffic control and construction needs. Choose from our inventory which includes truck mounted attenuator (TMA’s), pickup trucks, stake body trucks, and pilot vehicles. Contact us today to discuss the type of specialty vehicle you need.


We provide the equipment and products needed to create a safe work zone, according to the standards outlined by the Department of Transportation.


Contact us today to request a quote for an upcoming project or learn more about our commitment to safety.