We provide professional traffic control services to ensure safety and efficiency on the roads.

Welcome to Bird Dog Traffic Control, your trusted partner for emergency traffic control services in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. With our team of highly skilled professional, advanced equipment and technology, we offer prompt, reliable and efficient traffic control services to construction companies, government agencies, Utilities and other companies to help them manage traffic during emergencies caused by severe storms, heavy rainfall, snowfall, and strong winds. We have a zero-fatality record and a history of exceeding expectations in ensuring the safety of the public and our workforce.

Emergency Traffic Control Services We Provide:

At Bird Dog Traffic Control, we offer a wide range of emergency traffic control services in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. Our services include:

  • Traffic control planning and management
  • Temporary road closures and detours
  • Construction zone traffic control
  • Flagging operations
  • Lane closures and coning
  • Traffic signage and equipment rental
  • Traffic flow optimization

Steps We Take During Emergency

Assess the situation

The first step is to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. This includes identifying the type of emergency, the location of the incident, and the number of people involved.

Set up warning signs and devices

Once the situation has been assessed, the next step is to set up warning signs and devices to alert motorists and pedestrians to the hazard. This includes using cones, flares, and barricades to mark the work zone.

Redirect traffic

If necessary, we may need to redirect traffic around the work zone. This can be done by using detour signs or by closing lanes.

Provide escorts for emergency vehicles

If emergency vehicles need to access the work zone, the temporary traffic control company can provide escorts to help them get through safely.

Bird Dog Traffic Control is a reliable and experienced company that prioritizes safety. We are experts in enforcing safety measures and adapting to changing conditions, and we can deliver efficient emergency response traffic control services.


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