Construction Worker Helmet in Front of Construction Zone

As the need for improved transportation systems, highways and roadways continue to grow, the frequency and number of construction zones continue to increase. That being said, the need for enhanced training for construction workers and safety measures implemented by experienced traffic control and management companies also increases. 

Learn more about why traffic management plans are necessary at construction zones and how Bird Dog Traffic Control can help by reading the below. 

Construction zones present inherent risks for workers

The last U.S. Census revealed that each year 20,000+ construction workers are injured in road construction work zones each year. In 2010, there were 106 construction incidents that resulted in a fatality. Of these 106 fatalities, the most common cause involved contact with vehicles. What will these numbers look like in the years to come if proper planning, diversion, and traffic control techniques aren’t put into place? 

While it’s understood that the construction industry presents inherent risks for workers, many injuries and fatalities can be avoided. A customized traffic management plan is your first line of defense. 

Traffic management plans protect everyone in construction zones 

A Traffic or Transportation Management Plan (TMP) is designed to analyze strategies for managing the potential impacts of a work zone project. This plan can consist of a Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) plan, Transportation Operations (T), and Public Information (PI). A thorough TMP will also accommodate the safety needs of the motoring public, construction workers and the community at large. 

The more complex and detailed the construction zone plan, the safer everyone traveling through, working in and living around the project will be. 

Why choose Bird Dog Traffic Control?

If you’re looking for a work zone and traffic management company to help you keep your employees and project safe, Bird Dog Traffic Control is your premier choice. For over a decade, we’ve prided ourselves on our reputation of being the #1 traffic control company serving NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, and TX. 

Our experienced team will examine your construction work zone plans to: 

  • Create a customized TTC plan 
  • Assess the need for complex multi-lane closures, rolling roadblocks, detours
  • Determine the necessary contracts and approvals to being construction
  • Evaluate potential utility, electrical, health, and safety hazards present 

Additionally, we can provide the necessary equipment (such as specialty vehicles, trailered devices, traffic control equipment, signage, barricades, and protective clothing and accessories) as well as ATSSA, ITRE, and NCDOT-trained employees to create the safest possible environment for your construction zone. 

Roadway and highway construction zones are multifaceted. We understand how important it is to keep your workers and your project safe. Count on us to be your traffic management expert from start to finish.  

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