Road Closed and Detour Signs Divert Traffic

While road construction and traffic control may cause stress and traffic delays, they are necessary for ensuring everyone’s safety. That being said, proper planning, diversion and traffic control techniques can minimize traffic flow frustrations. WIthin a work zone there are many important reasons for diversions:   

#1 Diverting Traffic

The first and most obvious reason for diversion is to provide a passageway for traffic. This not only keeps drivers safe, but it also diverts traffic away from construction zones and workers. 

When establishing a traffic diversion pattern, it’s important to create a traffic flow that is easy to navigate by drivers that are unfamiliar with the new traffic pattern. There’s a lot of activity, people and machinery that could possibly distract or disorient a driver who’s entering a construction zone for the first time. Plan your diversions with the drivers in mind so that everyone remains safe.     

#2 Enhancing Safety

Another reason is to provide a safe work zone for workers. Work zone safety is of the utmost importance for Bird Dog Traffic Control. We pride ourselves on providing a work environment that is always up to date and follows DOT procedures, local ordinances, and traffic laws. There should be a clear diversion and separation between traffic flow and the work zone areas for both driver and worker safety. 

#3 Storing Machinery 

Third, diversions allow construction workers to establish a designated delivery area for machinery and materials to support construction work. From graders to road rollers, it’s important to have a place where equipment can be brought in and properly stored. 

Depending on the scope of the project, machinery and/or materials will need to be brought in and taken out often. It’s important for workers to know exactly where that can be done safely and easily. 

#4 Keeping the Project Safe

Additionally, diversions help keep a recently completed project safe and well-maintained. The hard work may be over, but the job isn’t. Newly laid materials need time to fully harden or cure before traffic should be allowed to drive over it. A proper diversion technique will keep drivers off these newly completed construction areas until they’re safe to travel over or through.  

There are many facets to roadway construction. At Bird Dog Traffic Control we specialize in keeping our work zones safe as possible for workers and drivers alike. Establishing proper diversion techniques is just one of the many ways we are able to maintain our reputation for being the #1 traffic control company serving NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, and TX. 

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