Road Closed Ahead Sign Alongside Traffic Cones Prevents Road Users From Entering a Flooded Roadway

Over the past year, we’ve seen a wide range in extreme weather scenarios. From flooding in South Carolina to Hurricane Dorian, we have a deep understanding of the fact that mother nature is out of our control. And we also understand that these extreme weather scenarios can often leave homes, communities, roadways and highways in a state of disaster.

Fortunately, we have a first line of defense made up of emergency responders such as firemen, police officers, the National guard, linemen, and even traffic control companies to alleviate chaos and restore order as quickly as possible. 

Learn more about why governement organizations, utility contractors and other service providers should partner with Bird Dog Traffic Control when weather-related disasters occur. 

Why do you need a traffic management company during natural disasters?

When natural disasters occur, roadways may become impassable. For example, when an area experiences a hurricane or back to back heavy rains, flooding can prevent residents and other passerby from accessing certain roads. And while residents may be inconvenienced for a few days, it’s unreasonable to believe that their travel is going to be limited indefinitely. That’s where traffic management companies step in. 

Traffic management companies well-versed in handling emergency situtations will be able to work with service providers and other organizations to put the best temporary traffic control plan in place and alleviate access challenges. This is especially helpful in scenarios where emergency responders need to gain access to areas affected and provide aid. 

Count on us for Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) and safety management

When it comes to traffic management, control, and safety, Bird Dog Traffic Control is no fair weather friend. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to provide reliable services when you need them most. 

As the #1 traffic controller serving the Southeast and Midwest for over 15 years, we have the experience government organizations and utility companies can depend on following natural distasters, major storms, or environmental accidents.  

We will review your emergency response plans and help you implement a customized and sophisticated temporary traffic control (TTC) plan used for facilitating road users through an incident area while keeping everyone in the area safe. 

In addition to temporary traffic control and emergency response plans, we also provide: 

  • Highly trained and certified safety professionals
  • The latest in advanced equipment
  • Proper signage to alert passersby of safety hazards
  • Emergency response cleanup partners

To learn more about how we can be a reliable partner in the event of an environmental emergency, contact us today. 

Contact Bird Dog Traffic Control today

Even if we have an idea of when a potential natural disaster is going to happen, we rarely know to the full extent what the aftermath will look like. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Form a partnership with the experienced traffic management team at Bird Dog Traffic Control and we’ll be there when disaster strikes. 

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