Traffic Control Planner Checking Off a List in Preparation for Worksite Construction

As the #1 traffic control company serving the Southeast, Bird Dog Traffic Control is committed to upholding the highest level of safety standards necessary to keep work zones safe for road users and utility workers safe. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the latest resources and a full-service array of safety solutions for all of your traffic control and management needs. 

For example, when it comes to keeping worksites safe, we have the necessary experience to plan, check on and manage the interaction between road users, the public, and the activities of the worksite to maintain safety and reduce the impact the project could have on the roads and traffic. 

While we take into account a number of different factors depending on the location of a worksite in which our highly trained workforce operates, the below provide insight into the type of checklist we generally follow:

Traffic Control Planning Checklist for Worksites

Below you’ll find a handful of questions and considerations we incorporate into every checklist when traffic control planning for worksites:


The below questions are related to the necessary long-term or temporary traffic planning necessary before the start of worksite construction. 

  • What does the regular traffic flow for the worksite area look like?
  • Has a traffic management plan been selected or provided?
  • Has the plan been evaluated and inspected?
  • Have all necessary authorizations for temporary roadwork/speed limits been signed off on?
  • Have documented changes (if any) to traffic management plans been inspected?
  • Are there any environmental considerations to take into account?
  • What provisions need to be made for public transportation?
  • Have nearby intersections, junctions, or roundabouts been considered?

Advanced/Warning Signage

These items are critical for ensuring that everyone passing through or by a worksite have the necessary signage to help them make adjustments to their route and speed in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Are all roadworks signs and trailered devices installed according to the traffic management plan put in place?
  • Is there an adequate distance for signage?
  • Where does warning signage need to be placed?
  • Has all contradictory signage been removed from the area?
  • Have all types of signage necessary been taken into consideration (e.g. traditional signage versus flashing signage)?

Worksite/Work Zone Separation

Are the proper precautions put in place to keep the people working at a worksite safe? These questions help us determine if that’s the case. 

  • Has high visibility clothing appropriate for conditions been provided to everyone working at the worksite? Are they being used and worn correctly? 
  • Can trucks and excavators access the site safely without causing excessive obstruction?
  • Has the time of day that the work will occur been determined and the subsequent effect on traffic management?
  • What structures are needed to protect work zones and everyone inside them safe from road users and adjacent traffic?
  • Have necessary onsite personnel and security been determined?
  • Have safety barriers (if being used) been installed correctly?

Other Road Users

For pedestrians, cyclists or road users, work sites can cause unexpected confusion if they are unaware or road closures, speed limit adjustments, and more. That’s why we take the time to ensure other road users are accounted for in traffic control plans.

  • Has possible traffic congestion been considered and steps taken to avoid it
  • Have the effects of the works on public transportation been considered?
  • Has room/an alternative pathway been made for pedestrians and cyclists?
  • Have the needs of other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and drivers been accounted for?
  • Has proper access to side roads, detour routes, and properties been provided?

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