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Everyday travel, construction zones, and other traffic events are regulated by road signs. Road signs are critical for driving and maintaining traffic control. While each state’s roads are governed by a unique set of rules, regulations, and laws, most require a series of tests in order for one to obtain a driver’s license. One of those tests includes a road sign test. This test usually takes the form of a 40-question true or false test in which you will be asked to identify traffic control signs.

Understand the importance of road signs and which you should put at the top of your list to remember by reading further.

Why are road signs important?

Road signs are designed to warn drivers and pedestrians of a wide variety of things. They warn pedestrians to look before crossing a busy street. Or they warn drivers to be wary of pedestrians crossing a busy street. Road signs warn drivers of speed limits or road changes. They guide drivers through construction zones or traffic events. They inform you of upcoming points of interests such as hospitals, gas stations, and even fast food restaurants.

Without road signs, it would be impossible to maintain traffic control. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re paying attention to the signs when you enter a work zone or approach a traffic situation. Doing so will keep you and everyone around you safe.  

What are the most common traffic signs you should be aware of?

There are hundreds of road signs that exist. You’re probably wondering, “How will I learn or remember that many signs?” The truth of the matter is you probably won’t ever learn every road sign created or even come into contact with those signs. However, there is a handful that you should make sure you’re aware of at all times. Below are seven of the most popular road signs:

    1. Stop sign – One of the most recognizable traffic control signs, the stop sign alerts drivers to come to a complete stop so that they can avoid entering traffic in the opposite or crossing directions. It is bright red and the only road sign that’s octagonal in shape.
    2. Yield sign – Similar to stop signs, yield signs are also very familiar to many drivers. While a driver doesn’t have to come to a complete stop, a yield sign indicates that a driver should take caution, slow down and beware that there could be oncoming traffic in the opposite or crossing directions.
    3. Speed limit sign – How do you know how fast to go on the road? Speed limit signs of course! These signs make sure that everyone traveling on a specific road is going a safe, an appropriate speed.
    4. Pedestrian crossing sign – Traffic control involves keeping everyone safe, including pedestrians. Take heed to these signs so you don’t have to worry about harming someone without the protection of a vehicle.
    5. No bicycles sign – You guessed it. Bicyclists are a part of the traffic control conversation as well. If you’re riding a bicycle to and from work or school, you have road signs to pay attention to as well. This one applies to you and indicates that you’re not allowed to enter a roadway preceded by this sign.
    6. No U-turn sign – We’ve all done it before: driven past our turn and attempt to make a quick u-turn to return to the original route. However, if you see this sign, you can’t legally make a U-turn.
    7. Men at work sign – This sign protects our construction workers! When you see this sign you know you need to take caution as you’re entering an active construction zone in which construction workers are at risk of being hit.

These signs aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about traffic control signs and see what they look like.

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Freshen Up Your Road Sign Knowledge

Let’s be honest. Even if you’ve taken a road sign test before, you’ve probably forgotten all you learned. You probably studied the signs right before the test and managed to put your short-term memory to work and pass the test before throwing most of it out of your head. Brush up on your road sign knowledge or challenge yourself to learn a new one. You’ll feel much more comfortable traveling the roads and highways with the knowledge on how to do so safely.

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