Bird Dog Works With Emergency

If a major accident takes place at commercial project sites, who do you call? As a construction project management firm, it’s your responsibility to plan, execute and complete a wide range of projects. And while you may have considered every possible challenge you may face and properly trained your employees, accidents happen. 

When they do, Bird Dog Traffic Control is prepared to put relationships with valued companies and partners to work so that you can get your emergency under control as soon as possible. 

About our most recent emergency services partner

Just like traffic and construction accidents happen, industrial or environmental emergencies happen as well. In the event of an environmental accident, emergency response firms such as our most recent partner are prepared to mitigate and remediate hazardous agents such as petroleum-based materials immediately.

When hazardous materials are released due to transportation, industrial or marine accidents, these materials pose an immediate threat to the public and the environment. That’s why our partners at emergency response firms are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year all over the Southeast and Midwest. 

Our chosen partner’s emergency response teams are highly qualified and equipped with response vehicles, spill containment processes, field-portable testing technology, monitoring equipment, mobile recovery tools, and storage equipment. 

Rely on the depth of experienced licensed professionals such as project managers, engineers, chemists, equipment operators and technicians to provide emergency, cost-effective solutions to get your situation under control. 

Count on us for emergency environmental services

Recently, Bird Dog had the honor of partnering with one of our dedicated companies on an emergency cleanup project.

At Bird Dog Traffic Control, we take the safety of our workers and the environment very seriously. Our goal is to protect everyone associated with and the local area surrounding our clients’ projects. From providing expert traffic control when accidents happen to bringing in a team of environmental cleanup pros, you can count on us.

To learn more about how we can satisfy your traffic control, work zone construction or emergency service needs, contact us today by calling 844-369-0799 or by filling out our contact form.

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