Tree Removal Company Blocking a Road Using Equipment and Signage to Remove Trees From Roadside

Trees, shrubs, and other vegetation alongside highways and roadways can compromise safety for everyone passing through or working alongside highways and roadways. That’s why roadway management officials and transportation companies invest in vegetation maintenance. 

Vegetation management companies work with traffic management companies like Bird Dog Traffic Control to ensure the work is completed as safely as possible and is supported by the proper equipment. 

The hazards vegetation can cause

If left uncontrolled, vegetation such as those mentioned below present a range of safety concerns: 

  • Trees (especially those with hanging limbs or getting ready to fall) can become fixed object hazards for drivers passing through.
  • Tallgrass, weeds, and other brush can obscure or limit drivers’ views of temporary hazards such as traffic control devices, other vehicles, wildlife, and pedestrians. 
  • Overgrown vegetation can prevent drivers and passersby from being able to clearly see traffic signs or make adjustments to traffic patterns. 
  • Trees and other vegetation can also put roadway construction at risk due to a lack of visibility. 

Protect your road agency maintenance workers 

Are you looking for a traffic control company to partner with as you fulfill your roadside vegetation management contracts? Bird Dog Traffic Control is at your service. As the #1 traffic control company serving the Southeast, we make safety our number one priority. 

Count on us to help you achieve your goals of maintaining vegetation along highways and roadways. We can provide guidance for maintenance crews, temporary traffic control (TTC) plans, traffic control equipment, traffic signs, or certified professional flaggers. Additionally, our wide range of services is designed to keep drivers, pedestrians, and roadside vegetation workers as safe as possible. 

In the 15+ years we’ve been providing expert traffic control and management services, we’ve assisted roadside vegetation management companies, arborists and tree surgeons. Rely on our extensive experience to ensure the safe and successful completion of every roadside vegetation removal, tree clearance over roads and management project.

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For more information on local highway and street maintenance, visit the U.S. Department of Transportation website.