At Bird Dog Traffic Control, we pride ourselves on being the #1 traffic control provider in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. For 15 years, we’ve been providing these areas with certified traffic control flagmen when dealing with roadway closures and other traffic control issues to ensure safety. Additionally, we’re more than prepared to help communities gain control in emergency situations.

Over the past few months, the Southeast has faced two major weather threats: Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. As a result, Bird Dog Traffic Control has made sure we have the necessary resources on standby to help alleviate traffic-related issues. We understand that you can’t control mother nature. However, you can count on us to help you control traffic in her aftermath.

If you are involved with city planning, construction or a department of transportation, rely on Bird Dog Traffic Control to stay a couple steps ahead of the challenges that follow major storms. Request a quote by calling 844-369-0799, emailing [email protected]  or by visiting our website and filling out our form. We’ll help you get your emergency situation under control as quickly as possible.