Bird Dog Traffic Control Rolling Roadblock Implementation

When effectively implemented, a rolling roadblock is a highly effective traffic management technique used to temporarily slow or completely stop traffic approaching short-term road work activities on roadways and highways.

In this article, the traffic control experts at Bird Dog Traffic Control will explain what rolling roadblocks are, why they are essential, and why you should choose us as your trusted traffic control partner to execute a rolling roadblock.

What is a Rolling Roadblock?

A rolling roadblock is often referred to as a temporary road closure, rolling block, pacing operation, or traffic pacing. It is a common highway traffic control technique used to temporarily slow or stop traffic approaching construction, maintenance, and utility work activities requiring a short-term full lane closure of a high-volume roadway, highway, or freeway.

Transportation agencies around the United States utilize traffic control companies to implement this traffic management technique for a variety of road work activities such as:

  • Bridge construction and/or replacements
  • Placing or removing overhead lights or sign structures
  • Overhead utility work
  • Overhead sign installation
  • Blasting for rock excavation or debris removal
  • Pulling cables or wires across a roadway

While the implementation of these types of roadblocks can occur at any time of day, in most cases, these types of roadblocks are executed for short-term projects during non-peak traffic times to avoid significant traffic congestion and delays for roadway users.

Why Are Rolling Roadblocks Necessary?

While rolling roadblocks may seem like an inconvenience to those traveling, they are sometimes necessary to keep both roadway users and workers safe when certain roadway construction activities occur. Roadway workers can complete work faster by giving workers full access in the absence of what would normally be unimpeded traffic. And roadway users can be kept safe from potential road work dangers and/or vehicle crashes.

For example, Bird Dog Traffic Control implemented a rolling roadblock while workers completed utility work on a pole positioned above a major highway in South Carolina. As you can see from the image pictured above, traffic had to slow down, but it was necessary to ensure the project’s safe and efficient completion.

Why Choose Bird Dog Traffic Control to Implement Rolling Roadblocks?

As the #1 traffic control company serving the Southeast, Bird Dog Traffic Control has the experience necessary to follow and execute the highest level of safety standards for a range of traffic control services, including the implementation of rolling roadblocks.

Our crews are fully trained and certified to:

  • Establish and execute alternate routes/detours or temporary traffic control (TTC) plans
  • Determine and implement emergency lane, complex, and multi-lane closures
  • Provide equipment, signage, trailered devices, and specialty vehicles
  • Install and uninstall rolling roadblocks

To learn more about partnering with a traffic control company with decades of experience dealing with traffic management and temporary traffic control techniques, contact Bird Dog Traffic Control by calling 844-369-0799 or filling out this form today!

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