Bird Dog Traffic Control - Choose Bird Dog for Event Traffic Management

In addition to being the #1 traffic control company in NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, and TX, Bird Dog Traffic Control is proud to offer a diverse range of services to meet a variety of needs. In addition to traffic event planning, Bird Dog also offers the unique service of event traffic management. 

We provide a comprehensive list of services before, during and after race, production, marathon, church, and parade events. Learn more about the types of event traffic management services we can provide by reading further. 

Our Event Traffic Management Services

Do you have an event traffic management plan in place? Have you thought through all the contingencies related to foot and vehicle traffic? If your answer is no, your event could end up being a nightmare to get to and to leave. Leave event traffic management to the experts at Bird Dog Traffic Control. 

Our traffic event planning services include: 

  • Assessing parking lot accessibility and visibility
  • Analyzing traffic patterns effecting the event location
  • Ensuring parking spaces are marked with proper signage
  • Drawing up strategic event traffic management plans 
  • Hiring experienced parking attendants and traffic controllers
  • Outfitting traffic controllers with proper safety equipment
  • Securing the right roadway signs for an event
  • Providing traffic event management on the day of an event
  • Executing post-event cleanup 

As experienced traffic engineers, our goal is to create traffic management plans that are well thought out so that everyone is kept safe. Before you start planning your next event, consider hiring us to help alleviate stress and add to your event’s success. 

Types of Events We Can Provide Services For

At Bird Dog Traffic Control, we understand how important it is for community organizers and event planners to make sure every box is checked for every event. Below are just a few examples of the types of events we can assist with. 

5K Races and Marathons

Color runs and marathons are great for building community and usually benefit a great cause. However, marathon courses often don’t follow traditional traffic patterns. Make sure your runners are kept safe by choosing us for event traffic planning and management.

Community and Church Festivals

Planning an event for your church or community? There’s going to be a lot of foot traffic. Make sure your church or community is prepared to handle the guest list. 

Downtown Celebrations/Parades/Food Truck Events

Events held in downtown areas can be stressful. Between thruway traffic and pedestrians, parking and event attendance could be a nightmare.  

Swim Club Events

It’s summertime, swim club events are perfect for the warmer weather. Make sure your event makes a splash by choosing us to organize and manage traffic.

Race/Speedway Events

Competitive races are highly anticipated. But when you mix tailgating with parking lot traffic, chaos can ensue. Count on us to keep traffic and parking under control. 

Don’t see the specific event you’re planning above? Don’t worry, there are very few events we can’t handle. 

Secure Bird Dog for Your Next Event 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make sure your event goes off without a hitch. To learn more about how we can help ease your stress for your next event, contact us today by calling us at 844-369-0799 or by filling out our contact form.

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