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Imagine this, you’ve worked yourself to the bone planning the perfect event. The night is here, everything is in place and the guests are due to start arriving at any moment. But then an unforeseen problem arises: the guests are having a hard time figuring out where your event is located or where to park. Don’t let this scenario become your reality. In this article, we’re going to go over why event traffic control should be an essential part of your event planning checklist and how Bird Dog Traffic Control can help.

Reason #1: First Impressions Start Before Guests Enter the Event Doors

Have you ever been lost on your way to an event and felt discombobulated when you finally arrived? Or you get to the event easily but the parking lot is so overrun with cars and pedestrians that you feel overwhelmed and you’re unsure where to even park. Unfortunately, these traffic control issues are common and have a tendency to stay with you throughout the night, offsetting all the hard work that was put into the event. You can help your guests avoid this situation.

Event traffic control may not be at the forefront of an event planner’s mind, but it’s an important aspect of event management. For each guest, the event doesn’t start when they enter the doors, the event starts driving onto the property. If that process is difficult, whether the road signs and traffic patterns are unclear, or the parking lot is chaos, these issues can and will taint the overall first impression for your guests.

Reason #2: It’s Your Responsibility to Ensure the Safety and Wellbeing of Guests as They Enter and Leave the Property

One of the worst things that could happen at your event is the injury of a guest. This isn’t just a risk inside the premises, this risk is even more present off-premise where cars and pedestrians are sharing a space. However, this risk can be minimized with traffic control event support. Traffic controllers are able to ease the flow of traffic and coordinate parking with effectively placed road signs and personnel. This alleviates the risks to both cars and pedestrians.

Reason #3: Guests Expect an Easy Arrival and Exit

This is a component of event planning that many guests won’t notice if everything goes to plan, but they will certainly notice if it doesn’t. Don’t let the frustration of a bad driving experience like difficulty getting to and from your event overshadow the event itself. While traffic controllers can’t oversee your guests’ driving experience before or after your event, they can create a seamless experience for your guests while they’re there.

Reason #4: Don’t Add Any Excess Stress to Your Guests or Yourself

Many people experience anxiety and stress going to an event with people they don’t know at a place they’ve never been. If you tack on the stress of poorly managed traffic patterns or a disorganized parking lot, you’re adding heaps of unnecessary stress on them and ultimately, yourself. Properly managed event traffic can add to the overall enjoyment of the night.

Traffic controllers such as Bird Dog Traffic Control aim to support event planners and directors with their extensive training in safe traffic controlling measures. They can also work with law enforcement to maximize traffic flow and develop any necessary plans that are necessary to be compliant with local government agencies. As an event planner, you can create an event that is both enjoyable and safe for your guests by taking the right measures to ensure easy and efficient travel to and from your event.

Choose Bird Dog Traffic Control for events and services such as:

  • Running marathons
  • NASCAR event parking/cleanup
  • Airport parking assistance/attendants
  • Swim club event parking/attendants
  • Seasonal fairground event assistance/attendants
  • Food truck event parking/attendants

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